Wednesday, 5 December 2007

If I had a million dollars...

Tax-free of course. Otherwise the title would be: If I had 12 dollars :-)

I would spend some non-trivial amount funding the development of Weblocks and then write some kick-ass apps with it.

In my very humble opinion, I think that Weblocks is the way web apps should be written. It enforces modern web design practices in that there is not much futzing with HTML (unless you are adding UI widgets) and CSS is where you do your layout. Think about it. This way, your apps are "skinnable" from the get-go.

I've had my frustrations with it of course, due to it being a very young framework. But wow, it is pretty damn good given the scarce resources that have been responsible for it's development. Once Slava gets the object store integrated into it, watch out.

By comparison, I've been looking at Django and it makes me cringe, even though it is probably one of the best frameworks out there.

Anyway, I'd take half of the rest of the money over to my friend Asadullah in securities... (If you don't get the reference, go watch Office Space!)


ravi chemudugunta said...

i haven't used django before, but what do you find about it that makes you cringe ... just curious?

in my opinion web programming seems to be quite transient: things move very fast in terms of technologies and techniques so I would argue ... its not so much about the language but the user experience you are providing.

Anonymous said...

What other frameworks do you have experience with? Have you tried Seaside, Lift, or What is it about Weblocks that you like so much? What design decisions about it make it shine more than others?

Sohail Somani said...

Sorry for not replying earlier, I think my spam ate it up.

I think what makes me cringe about Django is all the Python involved. Its weird, I used to really enjoy Python but I've really been spoiled by Lisp and Slime. That perhaps isn't the most valid reason, but there you have it! I would agree with your assessment that web programming is transient if you say that it applies to most web development.

But if you are writing something that you plan not to be transient then you should choose something that you can live with. I'm not in this to make cute little websites.

If you see here, you will see, not much! My background is in C++ and this is a new world for me. I have no authority here! I have never even heard of Lift. I have heard of Seaside and, To my credit, I correctly state in the above post that there is no friggin way in hell you should program with Java ;-)

What I mainly like about Weblocks is that it is component oriented. That mixed with continuations and AJAX can make for some really smooth user experinces. Atleast I think so.